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Molicare Premium Elastic 10D Briefs

Suitable for people with very severe urinary and fecal incontinence and also for highly dependent or restless patients; for extended overnight use Highest liquid-holding capacity of the MoliCare product family Curly Fiber maintains a skin-friendly pH 5.5 environment Quick-dry system for more wearing comfort 3-layer absorbent core locks in and evenly distributes fluid Odor neutralizer reduces ammonia formation and neutralizes unpleasant odor Anti leakage system with inner cuffs maximizes leakage protection Air Active side panels reduce heat build-up and provide breathability in the hip area

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Brand: Molicare
Small, Waist 27-35", Case of 66
Small, Waist 27-35", Package of 22
Medium, Waist 35-47", Case of 56
Medium, Waist 35-47", Package of 14
Large, Waist 47-59", Case of 56
Large, Waist 47-59", Package of 14
X-Large, Waist 59-69", Case of 56
X-Large, Waist 59-69", Package of 14