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Prevail Air Plus Briefs

•Microclimate Core™ -Prevail's system of creating a favorable microclimate by incorporating performance enhanced features that help maintain normal skin temperature and moisture at the skin's surface •100% Breathable-air circulates through entire brief •AirMax™ Layer-specially formulated breathable material traps wetness inside but allows air, heat and humidity to escape •Expandex™ Wings-Soft, flexible stretch panels provide a secure fit •Doublesorb™ Wings-Soft, dual core system helps lock up moisture

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Brand: Prevail
Size 1, Waist 26-48", Case of 80
Size 1, Waist 26-48", Package of 20
Size 2, Waist 45-62", Case of 72
Size 2, Waist 45-62", Package of 18
Size 3, Waist 58-70", Case of 60
Size 3, Waist 58-70", Package of 15