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Protective Underwear (Youth, Adult, & Bariatric)

Pull-on style pants fitting 17" to 95" waist sizes

Abri-Flex Premium Protective Underwear

ABRI-Flex can be worn just like normal underwear, enhancing the feeling of freedom, confidence, and dignity. A unique and proprietary ultra stretch waistband, with more elastic strands than ever, ensures a snug and comfortable fit.
Starting at $31.00

Attends Underwear

•Breathable, stretchable, cloth-like material •Triple-tier moisture locking system •Stretchable comfort-fit belly and waistband elastics •Ultimate defense leak-guard leg cuffs •Tear-away sides for easy removal option •Super Plus and Overnight Absorbency
Starting at $18.00

Depend Fit-Flex ®Underwear for Men

• 3 in 1 protection: maximum absorbency, odor control, and dryness • Soft, flexible fabric for a comfortable fit • High-performance waistband helps keep underwear in place • Form-fitting elastic strands for a smooth, discreet fit •Gray color
Starting at $23.99

Depend Fit-Flex® Underwear for Women

•3 in 1 Protection: maximum absorbency, odor control, and dryness •Soft, flexible fabric for a comfortable fit •SureFit ™ waistband helps keep underwear in place •Form-fitting elastic strands for a smooth, discreet fit •Blush color
Starting at $23.99

Prevail Per-Fit Men Protective Underwear

Per-Fit® Men Protective Underwear is designed specifically for men to deliver extra absorbency and the feel of standard underwear. For men who experience frequent leaks or sudden urges that don't allow time to get to the bathroom, this protective underwear delivers extra moisture and odor protection for long-lasting freshness. The breathable, cloth-like material creates a form-fitting shape and gives the look and feel of standard underwear.
Starting at $12.99

Prevail Per-Fit Women Protective Underwear

Per-Fit® Women protective underwear strikes the perfect balance between protection and comfort. For women who experience frequent leaks and sudden urges that don't allow time to find a bathroom, this product delivers extra absorbency in a lavender hue for long-lasting freshness. Breathable, cloth-like fabric offers a form-fitting shape and stretch waist, providing a perfect fit and ultimate comfort.
Starting at $12.99

Prevail Protective Underwear

•Comfort-Shape Plus with gentle elastics that shape to your body •Skin Smart Fabric to help protect skin •Breathable Zones that allow skin to breathe •QUICK WICK with MaxSoft to rapidly absorb wetness •Odor Guard to help prevent odors •Cloth-Like Outer Fabric that is soft against the skin •Back Label with size for a look more like real underwear
Starting at $18.00

SureCare Protective Underwear

•Cloth-like backsheet is ultrasonically bonded for a quilted look and feel, offering a quieter, discreet, and dignified solution •Airflow technology allows for air to skin contract, keeping the skin cool, dry and comfortable while minimizing heat buildup •Tear away side panels add convenience for easy removal and disposal •State-of-the-art top sheet is softer than traditional non-wovens, providing a more comfortable experience for the wearer •Super absorbent core is designed to quickly lock in fluid and neutralize odors
Starting at $16.80

Tena Protective Underwear

•Body-close fit secure feeling •Soft, cloth-like material feel as comfortable as underwear •Standing gathers along the absorbent core for enhanced leakage protection •InstaDri Skin-Caring System™ helps maintain surface dryness and healthier skin
Starting at $17.85

Tranquility Essential Protective Underwear

•Clothlike •Breathable Sides •Stretchable Waistband •Kufguards® •Latex-Free
Starting at $9.00

Tranquility Premium Disposable Underwear

•Absorbent peach mat guarantees performance •Soft premium fabric is breathable and silent •Comfortable, full rise waist panel •Kufguards® inner leg cuffs for leakage and bowel containment •Tear-away side seams for quick and easy removal •Available in Daytime Absorbency(25 oz. capacity) & Overnight Absorbency(34 oz. capacity)
Starting at $18.50