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Select Contemporary Underpads

•Ultra-thin composite mat designed with laminated superabsorbent core technology •Superabsorbent core locks moisture away holding over 1 cup of liquid •Smooth surface fluff-free design keeps underpad smooth under normal patient movement •Moisture-proof backing protects furniture, bedding and wheelchairs from leakage
Starting at $10.06

Select Extended Booster Pads

•Flow-through design allows pad to fill to capacity and then pass additional fluid to the primary garment •Soft,absorbent fluff core •Adhesive strip on back of pad for secure placement •8 oz. capacity
Starting at $6.30

Select Personal Care Pads

•Contoured shape pad conforms to the natural curves of the body •Blue acquisition layer draws fluid into product and away from skin •Gentle elastics form a cup shape that enables a secure fit and channels fluid •Adhesive strip securely holds the pad in position in regular underwear
Starting at $11.99

Select Protective Underwear

•Cloth-like outer material •Gentle waist and leg elastics •Kufguards® Inner Leg Cuffs •Blue Waistband •Tear-away sides for easy removal
Starting at $9.00